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The Orthopaedic Implants & Instruments Division supplies most products in this area, including but not limited to Austin Moore Hip Prosthesis, Thompson Hip Prosthesis, DHS / DCS Plates, L Plate, Self Compression Plates, T Plates, Tubular Plates, Other Bone Plates, Kirschner Wire, Steinman Pins, Bone Screws.

The Surgery & IC Division supplies most products in this area including but not limited to therapeutic medical equipment such as medical ventilators, heart-lung machines, dialysis machines, Endoscopy Instruments, Electro Surgical Units and the complete line of quality instruments designed to meet the requirement of modern surgical procedures.

The General Hospital Division supplies all products for any large hospital, including but not limited to diagnostic equipment such as ultrasound, x-ray and MRI machines, different autoclaves, hospital hollowware, hospital consumables & medical consumables, suction units, rubber hospital equipment supplies, malecot catheters, stomach tube, rubber sheets, rubber infant syringes, surgical rubber bulbs, ryles tube, lavine tubes, endotracheal tubles, monitoring devices such as ECG, EEG, blood pressure equipment and hospital furniture.

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 Whatever your requirements, TraMedica can cover all the needs in the medical sector, for private individuals, clinics and large hospitals, with very competitive financing when necessary.

Contacts:; Dreikoenigstrasse 31, 8002 Zurich, Switzerland

Surgery Room Equipment:

1. Surgery Room LIGHT Description Surgery Room Light is available in multiple possible configurations to meet diverse requirements of the surgeries. The surgical lighting is very important for providing an optimal visual environment in the operation theater, as this is absolutely necessary for meticulous and delicate surgical procedures.

2. Surgery Room TABLE Description The complete range of Surgery Room Table necessary for a well organized theater in the hospital. The tables are suitable for all general surgeries as well as complicated surgeries. Integrated with all the adjustable settings and features, these operation tables offer total control and flexibility.

3. ANESTHESIA MACHINE Description The Anesthesia Machine is quite crucial in the Surgery Room as it supplies to patients an accurate gas mixture of anesthetizing and life sustaining gases. The machine integrated with a simple user interface panel let you to take over the control at the fingertips. Entire designing is done keeping the safety and norms of the industry in minds. Suitable for adults, the machine has all the high- end features and ventilation systems even for the kids and new born babies.

4. SURGICAL DIATHERMY Description Surgical Diathermy introduced by us incorporates the most advanced Tissue Type Monitoring (TTM) technology. Highly equipped with all the safety measures, the surgical equipment has both the functions of endo- cut and high- cut. The Surgical Diathermy equipment is quite easy to control with just a hand switch and also can be programmed with personalized programs.

5. SUCTION MACHINE Description Suction Machine is specially designed for those surgeries that require absorbing the thick liquids like phlegm and negative pressure suction. The machine, integrated with an oil- free piston pump is totally environmental friendly with no generation of oil and smoke.

6. STERILIZER Description We offer Sterilizer Machine to assure our clients with unsurpassed efficacy to meet all of the sterilization needs in an operation theater. The equipment is applicable for the sterilization of dressing material, surgical instruments and injection liquids by means of steam. Specially engineered for ensuring maximum thermo- dynamic efficiency, the sterilizer equipment adopts the principle of downward displacement of air.